Project: Be Minimal Breakdown


How Does It Work?

Project: Be Minimal is a 8-week program that asks you to live simply.  An action item will be issued each week that could take a few minutes to complete or it could be a recurring thing you have to do for the rest of the program.  Each action item builds on top of each other.  The goal is to chip at old habits slowly and form new habits.


Project: Be Minimal will focus on the following key areas to simplify.  

Relationships, Things, Food

Habits, Information, Finances


Is There A Cost?

This program has $0 cost to you.  What I'm asking for is just a few minutes of your time each week to review emails and check-in.  To support some of these activities, I may include affiliate links in my emails and posts.  I will always only promote products that I have used.  I will be transparent with you if this is the case and you can decide for yourself whether to buy the product or not.

Fall Program starts September 1st.

Project: Be Minimal

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Why This Approach?

I spent many years managing projects for advertising technology companies.   When building technology, we followed what's called the Agile Scrum process.  It was a very hands-on, collaborative team approach to getting work done.  Team members had to agree and accept the tasks given to them.  If the requests lacked clarity or information, they had a right to question it.  Work was defined by incremental change.  We lived and breathed iteration.  Iteration was how you completed and eventually perfected each product release.  Many of today's software and apps are built with this approach.

Similarly, we need an incremental approach when it comes to changing our habits.  Many of us have had the same habits and mindsets for decades.  You can't just turn that off.  Our resolutions are small habits waiting to be changed or implemented.  Be Minimal will be about making incremental changes to simplify your life.


Who Am I To Help You?

My name is Catherine or Cat.  You can read more about me here.  I've spent the past few years changing the way I eat, changing my lifestyle habits so that I could focus more on what mattered to me.  I've traveled to many places around the world and have spent the past year working towards living a more sustainable life.  All this became possible when I started challenging my daily habits and simplifying where I could. 

This blog documents what I've been doing, where I've been and how I've been doing it.  I encourage you to browse around as it will give you a good sense of what I'm about and what you can take from this mission. 


How Do We Get Support? 

Use the hashtag #projectbeminimal across all social media platforms to track progress.