Project: Be Minimal


What if you didn't have to make so many decisions in a day? What if you could truly enjoy the present moment without needing to worry about what to do next? What if your time was spent doing the things you actually want to do? What if saying "No" was ok? What if you could live the good life without needing so much, without all of the worry, without all of the pressure, would you do it?


Project: Be Minimal is a template for change. It's not a challenge because this is not a contest or a competition.  It is an individual AND collaborative project designed to produce small, incremental change.

Be Minimal asks that you simplify your life. The changes we implement will impact three key areas: Our Health, Our Need for Adventure, Our Environment. 

Be Minimal asks you to go against some societal standards. It questions our actions. It challenges our own status quo. A huge part of this will be learning new ways of living. 

Be Minimal will celebrate what truly matters.  


Sign-up! The Fall program begins September 1st.  


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