The Do Something Project is a lifestyle blog that focuses on living minimally, eating well, exploring the world and living sustainably.  Our goal is to promote a life focused less on stuff and waste and more on creative pursuits and experiences. 

Sustainable Eats

The body is a temple and we have to respect it.  We must fuel it withe the right food to ensure a long, prosperous and healthy life.  Let's sit down, cook together and enjoy each others company.  

Sustainable Household

We can't change the world until we change ourselves.  We have to live our values in order to create balance in the universe.  Let's start making changes to the way we live.

Sustainable Musings

We have to open ourselves to new ideas, to new ways of doings things.  Let's have a conversation about real stuff, about the environment and what we are doing to improve it for our children.

Sustainable Products

There are many people and many companies out there doing good in the world.  Many are creating products that are good for people and good for the environment.  Let's support their growth and share their existence.

Sustainable Travel

The world is a fantastic place.  So many places to see and visit.  So many people to meet.  So many cultures and food to experience.  Let's visit these places and protect them in the process.   


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