Zero Waste Holiday: Minimalist Gifts

While my immediate family and I stopped exchanging gifts a few years ago, I'm not opposed to presents completely.  I still like the occasional gift, but as someone who has ventured into the world of minimalism and zero waste, I offer some suggestions on what to give folks on this journey.  Remember that gifting something might cause the recipient anxiety as he or she decides how they will use the gift or how they will be able to dispose of it properly. Here are options for minimalist gifts.

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  • Nothing. Easy.  Done!

  • An experience of some sorts: concert, movie, show, hike, trip, etc.

  • A coffee break to-stay.

  • A consumable gift in a reused, reusable or recyclable packaging like cookies or wine.

  • Jam or honey in a glass container from a local shop or from a specialty shop.

  • A container of their favorite loose leaf tea with no packaging, better yet purchased in a reusable bag and transferred to a beautiful recycled tin or odd shaped jar.

  • Handmade or local soap in their favorite scent without plastic packaging. 

  • An offer of time. Offer to babysit, pickup kids or run errands so they can have some time to themselves.

  • A plant grown by you and in a reusable container.

  • A hand me down book from a favorite author wrapped beautifully in an old (maybe vintage), clean handkerchief, Furoshiki style.

  • A basket of local produce from your own garden or from a local farm market.

  • Locally picked flowers wrapped in a bit of twine.

  • A handmade and handcrafted usable object that you specialize in. 

  • An electronic picture of you drinking coffee or juice from your own mason jar, reusable container or stainless steel straw. Trust me, nothing will bring more joy to someone practicing zero waste than if you show you are taking steps to reduce waste.

  • An electronic picture of you on the floor feeling all the things that "spark joy".

  • An hour of honest, real conversation over freshly ground coffee in actual mugs.

  • A home cooked meal delivered in reusable containers that you pick up empty, but still dirty.

  • An offer to fix something broken in the home so a new purchase is not necessary. 

  • Antique but functional and usable food grade jars.

  • Bulk bags made by you.

I'm sure there are plenty more good ideas out there.  Drop some suggestions in the comment section of other minimalist and zero waste gifts that you can give to someone who already has everything.


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