Zero Waste Essentials A - Z

Since learning about the zero waste movement, I've learned a lot in the past year. I've learned some of the lingo being used. I've learned key takeaways. I've learned the core necessities of a zero waster. While I am not 100% a zero waster (who really is though?), I'm striving to be. Here are some of the lessons I've learned on this journey in an A-Z format. Left side is key phrases I've started to live by and the right side as some of the object essentials.

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Zero Waste Essentials

A - Aluminum packaging instead of plastic

B - Baking soda, bamboo toothbrush, beeswax wraps

C - Castille soap

D - Drying rack

E - Essential oils

F - French press

G - Glass containers

H - Handkerchiefs

I - Insulated thermos

J - Jars

K - Kettle, Klean Kanteens

L - Lemons

M - Mugs, mason jars. menstrual cups

N - Natural cookware, napkins

O - Organic things (food, clothing)

P - Plants

Q -

R - Reusable everything

S - Secondhand clothing

T - Totes and cloth bags, tiffin lunch box

U - Unwrapped products, used books

V - Vinegar

W - Wooden utensils, wool dryer balls

X -

Y - Yogurt (homemade for probiotics)

Z -


Zero Waste Key Phrases

A - Alternatives exists.

B - Bring your own.

C - Compost what you can.

D - Dispose properly.

E - Environmentalist describes you.

F - Fill and re-fill often.

G - Go without.

H - Hand make things.

I - Inspire,  influence, educate.

J - Junk is relative.

K - Kick bad habits.

L - Local is best.

M - Make and mend.

N - "No Thanks" is a motto.

O - Opt to be outside.

P - Pick up litter.

Q - Question the default.

R - Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot.

S - Start small.

T - Test and experiment.

U - Use it all up.

V - Vegetables are your friends.

W - Wear often.

X - X your way into reusable territory.

Y - Your actions matter.

Z - Zero waste is possible.

  Make it yours with reCap mason jar lids.

What are your zero waste essentials? Do any of these phrases resonate with you as your work towards reducing your waste and your impact? Let me know.


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