Zero Waste and Minimalist Gift Guide for Men

Does he really need another tie, golf club or power tool?

Probably not! A few months ago, I did a round up of minimalist and zero waste gifts, but looking back on it, it seemed female centric, so in honor of Father's Day which is coming up, as well as for my father's birthday in July and my husband's birthday in August, I thought I would compile a few gifts to give to the men your life that can be considered zero waste and minimalist.

I also want you to consider not giving a tangible gift at all, but giving your time instead. Think about how old you are and how old your father is. How many days do you spend with him a year? If he lives for another 20 years, how many days total is that? Is that enough? For a brother, husband or boyfriend, think of all the things he has. How much time does he spend maintaining his things? Will your gift rob him of time to spend with you, with family, with children?

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Experience Gifts

Check out some local events in the area to gift. How about a sports car driving experience, a craft beer crawl or a flying lesson. Groupon is a great place to also get some ideas and a discount. Get clever!

Or perhaps, it's time to send him on that once in a lifetime trip like Ireland or Thailand for some golf. Philippines has some great snorkeling. France for the French Open. England for Wimbledon or some football matches. The list is endless.  Check out for ideas and other options.

Stay local and take him out to his favorite sports team.

Is he into craft beer? How about doing a local, craft beer tour with friends. We did this recently and it was fun. Who knew NJ had a craft beer scene.

Or if his team didn't make it to the playoffs, how about a food festival with great BBQ. A quick Google search will provide good Father's Day fun wherever you are.

Search for vintage items like books or collectibles that you know he would enjoy.

Gift him space. Does he need time to himself, to do what he wants to do. Figure out a way to give him time and space. We all need it.

Spend time with them. This is important. Time flies and before you know it, years have gone by.



Vikings Blade Safety Razor - This might be the perfect time to upgrade him from the plastic Gillette razors to a more manly steel. These are highly rated and I've heard women have even used these successfully. It takes practice, but it allows him to slow down and really get that close shave.

Beard Grooming Kit - My husband is growing his beard. I'm still in between about it. We made a deal that I would be OK with it if he really took care of it. I think this will get him to a good start. It's an oil, comb and scissors set which he can easily carry with its own bag. So no more excuses for not grooming.

After Shave Balm - I don't think men realize that they too need to start taking care of their own skin. A little SPF and oil on the face helps keep you looking young.


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Slim Leather Wallet - I really like this style because in this day and age, men shouldn't be carrying a large wallet. These also look and fit better in the slim fit jeans that are in now. It's minimal and allows you to carry only the essentials.

Phone Case/Wallet - Or you can go the one case route and purchase an phone and wallet combination. It looks great when made out of leather and reduces one more thing to carry. This one is specifically for iPhones, but there's plenty of options for those with a Samsung, LG or Sony.

Look for great, classic accessories that will last a lifetime such as real leather, natural fabrics. Think long-term when it comes to small accessories.


Food & Drink

Local Craft Beer - Get him his favorite craft beer. This is a great consumable gift and better if brewed locally. Grab your growlers in steel or glass and pick it up yourself or check out some of these retailers where you can purchase online: Craft Shack, The Beer Connect, Craft City.

Local Craft Spirits - In case, the man or men in your life don't favor beer, how about grabbing some locally made craft spirits. Do a quick search for "local craft spirits" where ever you are.

Coffee - My husband is a heavy coffee drinker and would appreciate locally roasted coffee any day of the time. Check out some of your local cafes. Or it might be nice to go on a few coffee dates as a way to share memories and experiences together.

Local Food - Head to your nearest farmer's market and pick up good, local food. Find his favorite cut of meat or vegetables from a local farm. If you are feeling up for it, special order his favorite meal or cook it using local ingredients. That will definitely be appreciated.

And if he is the Doer, get him the tools to make this own beer, smoke his own meat, etc.

For the athletes out there, considering gifting things he needs like equipment, nutritional supplements (like Athletic Greens that biohacking expert Tim Ferriss recommends), pay for competition entry fees or new gear. It's one way to continue to support their healthy living lifestyle and promote longevity.


I hope this list is helpful. Before you go, I want to post up a video from the Minimalists about showing love. A reminder that love doesn't have to have to come from a gift.


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