Why I Love The 7-Minute Workout

7 minutes of exercise? Sign me up!

I recently came across this old goodie from the NYTimes and thought I would re-share it. Lately, I've been struggling to move more. Partly because I work from home and partly because I no longer do Crossfit. Damn even not doing CF, I still talk about CF. Well, anyways, there were two workouts I enjoyed at CF. The first was anything with a time cap and the second was anything that was Tabata. Let's just say that For Time workouts freak me out because I fear being the last one.

I like Tabata workouts because it involves variation. It has a built in rest and work period so you get a chance to catch your breath. I like the variation and the rest periods as it helps me recover fast. Currently, we don't have a lot of room to move around unless I go outside so this workout that NYTimes has is easy.

With this workout, you can also add as many rounds as you want so if 7 minutes is not enough for you. Add another round and get another 7 minutes of physical activity. It doesn't require any specialized equipment and there's a lot of modifications you can do per movement so there's no excuse.


Image Source: NYTimes.com


Check it out here.

Better yet, book mark this link and save it to your home screen. It will allow you to access the workout without needing to pay for the app. WIN! The interactive workout provides images of the movement to do as well as the timer and calls out rest vs. work periods. Once you increase your stamina, you can move on to the Advanced level which is available on the page also. This particular exercise is backed up by research and gets your heart rate up. You also add and switch certain movements for something a bit more high intensity like a quick run or a jump rope session. Personally I like the rope session.

Here are the resources to check out.

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout

Tabata Timer


Need some workout gear?

Did you know that most workout gear is made out of synthetic materials that shed in the wash releasing small particles of plastic into the water system and eventually into our rivers and oceans? To combat this, consider washing clothes every few wears. To reduce stink, hang your clothing inside out and let it air dry. Bacteria love skin cells, wet and dark environment which leads to stink. Before running the wash, add a cup of vinegar to remove any stinkiness which will also reduce you having to run the wash a few times. Consider purchasing second hand workout clothes from places like ThredUp. To be honest, most of us do not wear our clothes enough to warrant a lot of wear and tear and truthfully most of our activewear ends up being loungewear. Alternatively, you can purchase a bag called GuppyFriend which catches micro fiber waste from entering rivers and oceans. Lastly, consider buying recycled activewear to reduce the amount of virgin materials needed to make synthetic materials. Check out Girlfriend Collective or Nube9.


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