Read: The Intention Experiment

It doesn't normally take a long time for me to finish a book, but this particular one has so many scientific examples and descriptions of tests that it felt overwhelming trying to understand the scientific lingo, the equipment used and the multiple hypotheses and outcomes.  In the end, it's a book that convinced me that our mind is more powerful than we think. 

I wrote down several key statements from the book and I thought I would reverse them and ask a question in front of them.

Book: The Intention Experiment

Author: Lynne McTaggart

Disclaimer: Direct quotes and statements have been lifted from the book to produce the text below.

What is Intention?

The text book definition of intention is "purposeful plan to perform an action, which will lead to a desired outcome" unlike a desire which means simply focusing on an outcome without a purposeful plan to achieve it.

How do you make intentions?

Intentions should be stated in the positive and it should have a specific aim or goal. To influence physical matter, thoughts have to be highly motivated and targeted.  

Why do our thoughts matter?

Everything trails in one direction from order to disorder.  An invisible connection exists between the fundamental elements of matter.  Every movement we make appears to be felt by the people and things around us. 


To think is to affect.  Watch your thoughts for they become your actions.


How are Prayers and Intentions different?

The change agent for Prayer is God or other gods, the change agent for Intention are humans.  Prayer cannot be tested in controlled trials.  Prayer is viewed as a kind of super-intention, a joint-endeavor: you do the intending, and God carries it out.  In some quarters, intention is considered synonymous with prayer and prayer synonymous with healing: when you send out an intention, God puts the intention into action.

How can you make your prayers or intentions more effective?

Prayer and intentions are more powerful when the intended is also open to it.  Negativity, feelings of anger, guilt, and lack of self worth affect the body's healing power.  The greater the bond between the person and the healer, the greater the success.

Is meditation good for your?

There is evidence that meditation causes permanent alterations to the brain structure.  We can improve our health, enhance our performance, affect the future by consciously using meditation.


How does thinking affect our bodies?

Our bodies do not distinguish between chemical process and the thought of a chemical process.  There's a reason why placebos are introduced in any type of testing.  Sometimes "tricking" the mind into thinking it is healing can accelerate the healing process.  The mental expectations of healing was enough to marshal the body's healing mechanisms.

Is having someone pray or release intentions good for us?

Yes, somebody's good intentions for you may be as powerful as your own.  When you are in a state of distress, our energy out to the universe may be weak so someone that is close to you, that has a bond with you can help by releasing good intentions for you instead.

Can a negative curse or thought affect you?

Yes, a negative thought about yourself ("I'm untalented and lazy") or your children ("He's a slob or she's bad at math") might ultimately manifest itself as physical energy and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Even times when you are depressed could have a physical effect on the people and living things around you.  (ie. coming home from a bad day at work and ultimately taking it out on your spouse or dog)  Check out these tips for a happier, positive mind.


Overall, after reading the book, I think it was clear that our thoughts play a significant part of the way we live and interact with others.  For some practical guidance, check out for guided meditation practices.  We have to train our mind to think differently if we want a different outcome.

I did a small experiment while I read this book.  I sliced my finger with a mandolin slicer and took out a chunk of skin (I know, gross!) but for the past 2 weeks I have been sending out healing vibes and happy to report that it is healing quite nicely and quickly.  Not the most scientific experiment, but I felt like the good thoughts helped.


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