Product Review: BALM! Baby Teeth Paste

What: BALM! Baby Teeth Paste

From my early days on this journey, I have been looking for a good plastic free alternative to toothpaste.  When we finished our traditional plastic tube, I made my own following DIY Toothpaste recipes on line.  That did not go over so well overall.  We moved on to LUSH Toothy Tabs and spent a few months trialing their product.  That went better than the DIY paste.  For the past 3 weeks, we have been using BALM! Baby Teeth Paste.  I know, it says baby on it, so if it's good enough for a baby, it's good enough for me. 

  • Flavor/Taste
    • Tastes just like regular toothpaste, minty, but no as strong.  Easy to get used to it.  It is all natural, vegan, fluoride-free and safe to swallow.  Isn't it strange that some toothpaste are not safe to swallow even though you are putting in it your mouth. Note that this fluoride-free which is good for kids, but adults may need fluoride to help with tooth decay. 
  • Application Type
    • This is a paste out of a glass jar.  I just scoop a small amount with my toothbrush each time I brush my teeth.
  • Ingredients
    • Distilled water, calcium carbonate, xylitol, mint oil, guar gum, grapefruit seed extract.  That's it.  Probably the shortest ingredient line of any of our bathroom products. 
  • Product Packaging
    • Comes in a recyclable glass 2 fl. oz. glass jar.  No plastic here! 
  • Cost
    • Around $11 for 2 fl. oz.  Definitely pricey, but you are exchanging it for the standard product that is made of plastic and of artificial ingredients.
  • Where to Buy
  • Shipping Packaging
    • I ordered this with a bunch of other items from their sister company, Taylor's Naturals and it came in minimal packaging with recycled cardboard. 


  • Verdict

    • This product was pretty easy to get used to it.  Tastes just like the standard toothpaste I was used to for years.  The texture is the same as well.  Knowing that the ingredients are minimal and all natural, it's a buy for me.  I guess if you have kids and you start them on this, they will never crave the bubble gum flavored toothpaste.  The jar is bit heavy so not ideal for traveling even though the ounces fit TSA regulations. 


Disclaimer: This product has been independently used and reviewed by me.  No compensation was received from the maker of this product.  

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