Plastic Free Crock-Pot Yogurt

Ever since I read 10% Human, I've been slightly obsessing about eating good pre and probiotics food. I've noticed a significant difference in the way I feel when ingesting probiotic-rich food or taking the probiotic supplement. After a few trial and errors, I think I've finally perfected the crock-pot yogurt recipe. With this recipe, you can significantly reduce the amount of plastic you use from yogurt consumption. It's a fairly hands-off process, but does require a few hours of attention. Here's how I normally make plastic free crock-pot yogurt.

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  1. Buy 1 gallon grass fed whole milk in glass bottle. I return the glass bottle for a $2 deposit.
  2. Pour the entire gallon into a Crock-Pot and set it on Hi for 2 hours. I use a 7 quart Crock Pot and it's perfect up to 2 gallons of milk. The Crock-Pot is probably one of the most used appliance in the kitchen.
  3. Turn off the Crock-Pot for 3 hours and let the milk cool down.
  4. Add a cup of existing yogurt culture. 1 cup per 1 gallon. Best if you use good quality yogurt as a starter. Make sure it's whole milk with no flavors. This will incur a bit of plastic, but hopefully you will be able to use the new yogurt for future batches.
  5. Add 2 capsules of VSL Probiotic Medical Food. This is just an extra addition for me. If I add this, then I do not take the VSL on a daily basis. Do not include the capsule, break and shake the powder into the milk.
  6. Mix everything together. ***
  7. Pour the milk, yogurt and probiotic mixture into a glass container, pitcher or large mason jars.
  8. Leave the containers on the counter for 24 hours wrapped in a large towel to keep warm.
  9. Check the mixture and confirm that it has hardened a bit.
  10. Place them in the fridge for another 24 hours to set.
  11. Enjoy with honey or fruit or plain.

Milk, yogurt, probiotic mixture poured into glass containers to cure.

Yogurt int he making. Set on the counter wrapped in a large towel for 24 hours to set.


**I use VSL Probiotic Medical Food which I found at Costco Pharmacy. This does come in a plastic container. It requires refrigeration so get it as the last item when on your Costco run. If you do order online, it will come shipped in tons of styrofoam packaging and some reusable ice packs.


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