Microbes and Probiotics for Better Health


Microbes are good for us. Did you know that?

I've been reading and posting a lot about microbes because I believe that it's now one of the most important thing there is about our health. We will find a good amount of research about what this kind of food does this and that, but what's come to light in the past few years is that we have been destroying an important aspect of our body, our microbiome. There's a lot of new research that's found that the use of broad spectrum antibiotics to treat anything and everything, the use of antibiotics in our food and new medical procedures is causing and leading to a new kind of illnesses and diseases. Read more about that here.

I am always aghast when food companies start marketing and advertising food that is "Now, antibiotic free" or "Now made with white meat." My first question is always, what was it made before? Seriously!? If not white meat, if not real chicken, if not antibiotic free, then what? What have we been eating? What have we been feeding our children? The past few decades have seen a rise obesity, allergies, autism, and a whole range of auto-immune diseases and leaky gut syndrome. This is no coincidence. What we have been consuming is changing the way our body is reacting to normal and commonplace foods. I was recently on a flight from New York to Istanbul and they made an announcement that one passenger was allergic to peanuts and no one should consume any on the flight. The concern is real, but ten years ago that announcement would not have been necessary.


I, too, can confirm how my body reacts to certain kinds of foods. By doing the whole30 a few times and the ketogenic diet, my personal experimentation with foods confirmed for me that there are definitely certain foods that make me sick even if the symptoms seem small and minor. Personally, I notice that I feel like I have a cold coming on if I stuff myself with gluten and sugar rich food. I honestly didn't notice that difference until I removed those items from my diet. 

Gut bacteria is a huge part of how our body processes food, protects our brains and keeps the bad guys out. If the good bacteria is killed off by the many antibiotics we take, then it can't fight the war against bad bacteria. Let's think about how many times we take antibiotics. It's usually prescribed if undergoing dental procedures, if one has a persistent cough (though most lung infections are virus driven and can't be stopped by an antibiotic), if one has a UTI, if one isn't feeling well in general. Majority of the antibiotics produced in the world are for animals to help prevent disease which also fattens them up. Antibiotics appear to be the cure all, but it's not.

A few years ago, it seemed that kale was the new trend. It was Kale Everything!, but now you'll see more and more products marketing and advertising good probiotics. This may come in the form of pills, drinks, powdered supplements, etc. Take caution with these products as they may not have the necessary good bacteria that you need, just as kale is not the one and only answer when it comes to eating good greens, BUT take note of this important health trend. Your microbiota is as important to being healthy as is sleep and the food you eat. Treat it well!


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