Eco-Friendly Baby Toys & Gifts

My circle of friends are now at the stage in life when they are having kids of their own.   While, I don't have children yet, as I get invited to baby showers and Christenings, I want to give gifts that are sustainable, responsibly made, plastic free, made in the USA and generally good for the children and environment. I was browsing through Etsy and found some cool baby toys.  As I work my way towards mindful consumption, that also means mindful giving. I've come across a few items that I thought are worth sharing if you are looking for eco-friendly, green toys. Many are wooden baby toys. I welcome any other suggestions in the comments below.

Some of these are so darn cute that I kinda want to get them for myself.

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Building Blocks

Building blocks are the most common children's toy out there.  Most of these toys are typically made of plastic.  Why not gift a wooden block set this holiday or for the next birthday?  These items from Etsy are made of sustainable wood, chemical free dyes and and are so easy on the eyes that you'll want to display them once the child is finished playing with them.  If you choose ones that are a little plain, you can always color them later on and re-use them for something else.  In this selection of blocks, I especially love the blocks that have six different languages.  My husband speaks 3 languages and I speak 2 so it would be nice for our future children to have a toy that is not only eco-friendly, but customized for some fun learning.

Etsy:  modernTOTshoppe  Price: $36

Etsy: modernTOTshoppe Price: $36

Etsy:  SpudWoodWorks  Price: $23

Etsy: SpudWoodWorks Price: $23

Etsy:  DeniseNAaronDesigns  Price: $12

Etsy: DeniseNAaronDesigns Price: $12

Etsy:  OLLIEandTWIG  Price: $30

Etsy: OLLIEandTWIG Price: $30


Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are great for hand eye coordination.  They really help children grasp and exercise their tiny muscles.  My niece who is now 8 months loves to pick-up and grab everything little thing she can get her hands on.  These stacking toys are perfect for her little hands.  Since they are made of chemical free dyes, I'm ok gifting these knowing that even though she'll end up taste testing the rings, it's safe for her to put in her mouth. 

Etsy:  hcwoodcraft  Price: $27

Etsy: hcwoodcraft Price: $27

Etsy:  MonkeyandBeanDesigns  Price: $50

Etsy: MonkeyandBeanDesigns Price: $50


Toy Sets

Toy sets are a perfect way to get some toy variety.  Some of these come in their own little pouches so clean up is a breeze and ensures all of the pieces are intact.  These sets are great for travel as they'll occupy your little ones with just one item or the whole lot.  These are good for sharing which means less toys to buy.  You'll also have a complete set of toys that are easy on the eyes, the budget and the environment. 

Etsy:  CloverandBirch  Price: $12

Etsy: CloverandBirch Price: $12

Etsy:  CloverandBirch  Price: $12

Etsy: CloverandBirch Price: $12

Etsy:  HoneyBeeToyAndCraft  Price: $26

Etsy: HoneyBeeToyAndCraft Price: $26

Etsy:  PumpkinsPlaything  Price: $18

Etsy: PumpkinsPlaything Price: $18


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Trucks, Trains and Things That Move

Who would not want toys that are handcrafted with so much detail?  I can see these as items to be passed down from one child to another regardless of gender.  Boys can play with unicorns, girls can play with trucks.  If you are tired of colorful plastics that are potentially toxic, why not invest in handmade toys that are not only beautiful, but also functional.

Etsy:  OutOnALimbADK  Price: $20

Etsy: OutOnALimbADK Price: $20

Etsy:  Aero1Toys  Price: $20

Etsy: Aero1Toys Price: $20

Etsy:  WoodToyShop  Price: $10

Etsy: WoodToyShop Price: $10

Etsy:  MonkeyandBeanDesigns  Price: $22

Etsy: MonkeyandBeanDesigns Price: $22

Etsy:  KeepsakeToys  Price $30

Etsy: KeepsakeToys Price $30

Etsy:  CloverandBirch  Price: $70

Etsy: CloverandBirch Price: $70

  ECOlunchbox: Earth-friendly Lunchware and Bento Boxes

Stuffed Toys

We all had that one stuffed toy we carried around everywhere.  It slept, ate, played and did everything else with us.  Since these toys are constantly with the child, why not invest in something unique, made using eco-friendly materials, and can be customized.  This adorable knitted bunny is probably the cutest and looks so soft that it can be carried around everywhere.

Etsy:  SammieClarkArt  Price: $10+

Etsy: SammieClarkArt Price: $10+

Etsy:  Knitneys  Price: $48  *Polyester Fill

Etsy: Knitneys Price: $48

*Polyester Fill

I hope these toys have provided you some ideas on what to get a baby or a young child that is handmade, plastic-free and Eco-friendly.  After all, we want to ensure that our children are playing with good, safe toys.



I wanted to provide an update as my husband and I just came back from visiting our niece and you know what, sometimes the best present really is your presence. For the past few months now, we've been Facetiming with her and we were worried that she would not recognize us in person. She is two years old. The last time we saw her in person was when she was 1. They live across the world from us so it's hard to visit often and sometimes the toy doesn't matter at all, just the fact that you are there to interact with them is enough.

Eco-friendly baby gifts and toys.

Eco-friendly baby gifts and toys.


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