Homemade Zero Waste Toothpaste

Experiment 1: Homemade Zero Waste Toothpaste

Trial 1 Results: Partially Successful

Strategy: Followed the recipe and instructions from Trash is for Tossers to make the toothpaste as described. 

Findings: The salty taste is definitely different.  I opted out of adding any stevia or xylitol as a trial.  My husband completely hated it after one use.  He complained that it was too runny so I added another tablespoon of baking soda.  This helped with the runny texture but lacked the mint taste so I added more peppermint oil.  Overall, it was ok to me after using the final recipe for a week.   I'll continue using it until I finish it.  I am continuing to find alternatives as my husband is down to the last drops of toothpaste (probably has a week left) and I am asking him to not buy any more for the time being.


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