Make: Easy, Customized Polaroid Magnets

A few years when my husband and I got married, I wanted to DIY most of it.  I wanted to be different and have some meaning to the standard wedding things that we were doing.  For the seating cards, I created Polaroid magnets with my favorite quotes and images about love, adventure and friendship.  For specific people, I used lines from songs that our guests and I mutually knew.  For example, I was obsessed with Dashboard Confessional during college and one of my girlfriends was also a fan of them so for their place card, I picked a lyric from one of their popular songs.  It had meaning and could be used as a keepsake as well.  This DIY is a bit different from all of the others you see online.  I also did this before they came out with these new Polaroid apps.  I like this method because you have more control over the size and the content.  




  1. Start saving your favorite quotes to Pinterest to a special board.
  2. Once you have a nice collection, start saving each of the image to your local Desktop.
  3. Download the Poladroid App: This will allow you to convert the images to have a Polaroid filter and background.  
  4. Open the Poladroid App.  You can process around 5 images at a time by dragging them to the app icon.  Take your time as just like the old Polaroids, you'll need to wait until it has completely processed the images.  In the app settings, you can set where it saves the file so that both the original and the converted version are in the same folder.
  5. Convert all of the images.
  6. Once this is completed, copy the images to Word so that you have at least a few rows of images.  Modify the sizing as needed.  You may need to test print to see how it comes out and if the size is what you are looking for.  
  7. Print these on the Cardstock Paper.
  8. Take your Magnetic Adhesive Sheet and put it on your fridge.  The sheet will come in a roll so having it flat on the magnetic fridge will make this process easier.
  9. Peel the adhesive side and adhere your paper with the Polaroid images.  Do this carefully.  You should be able to adhere 2 standard paper size on the magnetic sheet.
  10. Smooth it out.
  11. Take the magnetic sheet and lay it out on your cutting board.
  12. With your ruler and box cutter, cut each Polaroid images.  This should be easy as long as you used the same size for each image.  
  13. Depending on the size of your images, you should be able to produce at least around 32 magnet Polaroids: 16 in each sheet of paper.

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