Cut Cable: Gain More Money, Time and Sanity.

Have you ever calculated how much time and money watching TV costs you each year?

I recently had a conversation with my dad about them cutting off their cable. I've been trying to convince them for years because it seems more practical. It's only the two of them anyways. When my sister is home from college, she rarely watches TV (prefers social media of course).


My husband and I have not had cable in over 5 years and don't miss it at all. We share a Netflix account that is barely used. We also have Amazon, but have not gotten into the swing of the shows there. I thought I would do a quick infographic of how much TV costs in terms of money and time.

Despite all of the news you hear about people cutting the cord and streaming from Netflix. Research still shows that 83% of American households pay for TV as a service. Many are just so used to the monthly cost. They don't think they can live without E! or HGTV, but I can attest that there is life after this. For me, not having cable for 5 years meant a significant amount of money and time saved. Some of this money I've invested and I've seen it grow significantly. Some of this money has been used to travel instead. I'm definitely not a cheapskate, but there's certain things that are worth paying money for, cable is NOT one of them.


Cost and savings breakdown of cable in 5 years.


Besides the money factor, we also have to take into account how much time we waste in front of the TV. There's so much we could do with this time. Why not find a more productive way to spend time. By now, we should already be aware how detrimental watching 24/7 news cycle is to our health. It's not good for our mental health. We all need a break from the constant barrage of bad news. Find more ways to a happier mind here.

Have you thought about cutting off cable? What made you do it? Do you miss it? What have you learned since doing so?


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