Celebrate The Empty Space

An empty space always seems daunting. Whether it be a blank page, a room or a calendar, an empty space can feel lonely or sad. We may even feel pressured to fill the empty space as quickly as possible, but this is the incorrect approach. Regardless of what kind of empty space we are facing, we cannot and should not fear it, but we should celebrate it. We need to understand that empty space gives us maneuverability. It gives us the opportunity to say “Yes” to the things that matter. As you start your minimalism journey, embrace the empty space.


A blank page is an opportunity to create. It is an opportunity to free our thoughts. Our fear of the blank page most likely stem from our school days. The challenging task of having to fill a sheet of paper with our words, our thoughts. Do we have enough to say? Do we know enough? Are our ideas good enough?

An empty room is an opportunity to curate. It is an opportunity to form our own style. An empty room does not signify anything else but that it is empty. It does not have to indicate lack of money or lack of time.

An empty calendar is an opportunity to do what we want. It is an opportunity to choose what is important. Our importance should not be measured by the busyness of our calendars, but rather the quality of how we spend our time.

Let’s not rush to fill an empty space. An empty space should be savored because whether we realize it or not, they are rare. Once an empty space is filled, it is difficult to empty it back. Remember that!

An empty or blank space means freedom to start over, to start from scratch. There is no void in the empty space, but an opportunity to start.


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