Bulletproof Coffee Mocha Recipe: Keto, Whole30 and Paleo


I'm finishing Day 7 of keto. It's my first time and I generally eat paleo or whole30 anyways unless I'm on vacation or am tempted by a good croissant. I've been playing around with bulletproof coffee. I'm not normally a coffee drinker. An espresso or two a week. This week, I was craving hot chocolate so badly so I made hot chocolate with unsweetened cocoa powder and hot water. It smelled delicious, but it does not taste the same at all. So I played around and came up with this recipe for Bulletproof Coffee Mocha.

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Simple ingredients for a Bulletproof Coffee Mocha


Many moons ago, I was a gold card carrying member of Starbucks. I loved their Caffe Mocha. It was delicious. And then after doing a few rounds of whole30, I had it and it tasted like I was drinking a whole cup of sugar. See the nutritional breakdown here. I eventually forgot about that Mocha. Additionally, ever since I learned the Starbucks coffee cups are only made of 10% post-consumer recycled material and are not easily recyclable, I no longer go there. 

Instead, I make a lot of food and drinks at home. This gives me the opportunity to experiment, reduce sugar and reduce waste. This time around I was playing around with all of the bulletproof hot chocolates and coffee recipes out there and came up with this one that I now love. This one is keto, paleo and whole30 friendly because it contains no sugar and no other processed ingredients.


Bulletproof Hot Cafe Mocha

  • 2 tbsp of full fat organic coconut milk (you can put the can in the fridge, then scrape the fat at the top. Protip: transfer the rest of the milk to a sealable glass jar so it lasts longer)

  • 1 tbsp of Kerrygold butter (use ghee or clarified butter if on whole30 or doing paleo)

  • 1 tsp of organic coconut oil

  • 2 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa powder

  • 1 double shot of espresso + 1/2 cup of of hot water or a cup of regular brewed unflavored coffee (like this Death Wish coffee)

Mix this all together. I recommend using a milk frother to get everything incorporated and the cocoa to dissolve properly. I use the Bodum Milk Frother, it’s like $8 and can be used with just plain warm milk too if you want to create your own froth. Of course, depending on your mood, you can add a little of one thing to get the taste right. Other variations: add a tsp of vanilla, add your favorite plant-based protein powder, add your keto friendly sweetener. The list is endless. There you have it easy to make, Bulletproof Coffee Mocha without all of the added sugar and extra ingredients. It's full of fat so it will power you in the morning. The yield is small on this and I like it that way because the fat gets incorporated well. 

If this seems like a bit of a hassle for you especially in the crazy mornings, try out this Keto Power Creamer that provides the same amount of benefits. It can be used with coffee or unsweetened cocoa for a full fat dosage to start your day.

Also, if you still need convincing to try this kind of coffee concoction, check out this article from Perfect Keto and check out some of their products to help you get into ketosis faster. Also, another note, remember that the fat from the oils is still calories so while this drink doesn’t have sugar, calories still matter and if you want to lose weight, you still need that deficit. The good news is at least you are not ingesting sugar which is more harmful for you than many drugs.

Look at that deliciousness! Bulletproof Hot Cafe Mocha with all of the good fats.

Look at that deliciousness! Bulletproof Hot Cafe Mocha with all of the good fats.

Bulletproof Coffee Mocha Recipe: Keto, Whole30 and Paleo

Bulletproof Coffee Mocha Recipe: Keto, Whole30 and Paleo


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