Harness the Energy of Money: What Are Your Life's Intentions?

Your Standards of Integrity will  be the basis of what you need to work with the energy of money to bring your dreams into reality.  Your Standards of Integrity powers your dreams, which are your Life's Intentions "to be" something.  

Your Standards of Integrity should be used in two ways.  

  1. As a guide to seal energy leaks by taking care of unfinished business or cleaning up old behaviors.  Remember as a small child when you lied to your parents and it felt like it ate you up inside.  This is what happens when you don't focus on your Standards of Integrity.
  2. As a guide to truly express who you are without reservation or qualification.  This helps you lead a more virtuous life and ensures you sleep well at night as you have completed each day following your Standards of Integrity.  

Now that you know your Standards of Integrity, it is time to use them for good.  Your Standards of Integrity should now power your Life's Intentions.  Your Life's Intentions are your goals and dreams.  They are your inner desire.  Life's Intentions are "to be."  As long as you are willing, you can become.  

Here are some examples of Life's Intentions:

  • to be a successful entrepreneur
  • to be financially free
  • to be creative
  • to be well educated
  • to be physically fit and healthy
  • to be an adventurer
  • to be a great mother/father/brother/sister, etc
  • to be a good friend
  • to be surrounded by love and beauty

Life's Intentions should bring joy and meaning.  What are your Life's Intentions?

Remember again that money is not only about acquiring stuff.  It's about using it's energy to power your Life's Intentions.  To buy you a plane ticket so that you can be an adventurer.  To buy you an education so that you yourself can be an educator.  To fund a business so that you can be an entrepreneur.  To allow you to buy good food so that you can be healthy.  To buy you time so that you can be good and present parent. 

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Action Items

Duration: 40 Minutes (undisturbed)

Materials: Pen and Journal

Action 1:  Imagine finding a genie who will grant any wish that you want.  Be as creative, outrageous as you can.  Once you have your list, write then next to it "Why do I want this?  What desire will it satisfy?"

For example:

  • I want to take my kids to Disney World because it will satisfy my desire to be a great parent.
  • I want to travel to Africa so that I can be an adventurer.

Action 2:  Imagine you are at your 85th birthday.  Who is there?  Picture each person saying something about you?  What are they saying?  Distill what they are saying in the form of "to be."  Add these to your list.  

You may share this list with someone significant to you.  There may be some bitter sweet reaction to the items on your list.  Don't worry that you have not accomplished them.  The fact that you are feeling discomfort means you are on the right path.  

Your Standards of Integrity and Life's Intentions are reflections of your inner self.  Use this as a guide as you encounter the dark side of money.  



I am expanding on the ideas from the book "The Energy of Money" by Maria Nemeth, Ph. D.  I will be quoting specific areas in the book that I find valuable and meaningful.  For additional references, please check out the book or check out the following sites:  http://theenergyofmoney.net and http://marianemeth.com

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