Harness the Energy of Money: Goals Focus Your Money Energy

For Principle 3, Dr. Nemeth introduces Goals.  Goals should excite you.  When you accomplish it, it should bring as much joy as when the announcers call the winning goal of a soccer tournament. Often we don't like the term Goals because it derives perhaps something that we failed to complete in the past.  In this new way of thinking, Dr. Nemeth asks us to question our idea of goals.  Completion of Goals should bring excitement and joy.  If it doesn't bring joy, then that item should be downgraded to a task.  Goals require us to wait for results.

Goals should follow the formula of SMART + Joy. 

  • Make it Specific
  • Make it Measurable
  • Make it  Attainable
  • Make it Relevant - Goals should be related to your Life's Intentions and should follow your Standards of Integrity.
  • Make a Time Commitment - You must anchor your goals and make a promise to yourself to complete with a certain time frame.  It cannot be open ended. This goes back to being Willing.  If you are Willing to put in the time and you are Willing to make purposeful actions, then achieving your Goal will be easy.  
  • Make it result in Joy - Completion of Goals should bring happiness.


The point of Goals is to allow you to focus your Money Energy into something that makes you feel fulfilled.  If the Goal does not do that, then you are not adhering to your Standards of Integrity or your Life's Intentions.  If you are spending money on items and things that do not bring you closer to your Goal, then you need to change direction.  There are two action items for this Principle.  The second one takes some time, but I completely recommend doing it.   

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Action Item 1

Duration: 20 minutes (uninterrupted)

Materials: Pen and Journal

Action: In the first 2 minutes, write down every word, thought, feeling, body sensation that comes when you see the word "Goals"

For the remainder of the time, write at least 10 Goals you have that would take time or money to accomplish.  Remember these should bring you Joy once completed.  

If you can, read it to someone.  How do you feel expressing the Goal out loud?  Does it make you excited? Don't listen to the objections in your head!  If you are not able to come up with 10, think harder and open your mind.  

From the 10, pick a Goal you are Willing to have one year from today.  Review your Goal. Make sure it fits the SMART + Joy criteria.  Note the Time for accomplishing your Goal.  


Action Item 2

Duration: A few hours.  This Action Item takes a bit more time and could be done on a weekend.  Make sure you think long and hard about what you are putting into it.  Dr. Nemeth terms this the Treasure Map, but to me this is also called a Vision Board.  While it may be easy to do this online such as Pinterest, doing it with your hands will yield better results.  

Materials: Large poster board at least the size of 2 pieces of paper.  Old magazines, scissors, glue, a recent picture of you and anyone you want to share in the joy of reaching your Goal.  

Action: Think about the Goals you wrote down.  Start visualizing those goals using pictures, images, text from old magazines.  Cut them and glue them together.  Be creative with this. One of the reasons Dr. Nemeth advises using old magazines instead of going online to search for images is that it allows you to question how else can your dreams be represented and how else can they be achieve.  

  • Add words that describe how you would feel once you reach your goal.
  • Limit phrases that are not feelings like "You are number 1" or "Be a Winner" as these are not centered on emotion.
  • Remember to include the Life Intentions that support the goal.  If you want to lose weight, you may include a sentence  "to be physically fit" on your board.
  • Clearly, indicate the dates you want to accomplish your goals.  
  • Make the board colorful  

Once you are finished, share this with one other person.  Your board map or board should resonate with your Standards of Integrity and Life's Intentions and will be clear to others who know you.  For the rest of the time, put your board in a place where you will see it everyday. No one else needs to look at it.  It is your map, your vision, your goals.  

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Sample vision board from Small Life, Slow Life.  See link reference link above. 

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