Harness the Energy of Money: Are You Willing?

Think about this question and formulate your answer:

Are you willing to discover your relationship with money and to be successful at handling the energy of money? 

The first Principle of the Energy of Monday is Willing.  Not Willingness.  Willingness implies something that you have (to have), but Willing implies a sense of being (to be).  When you are willing to make changes to your thoughts and your actions, you are signing up to take action no matter how simple or obvious it is.  

You can dream about money, you can tell the universe you want money, but if you don't take any action towards it, it will never materialize.  Money is prevalent in the things it can buy, the places it can take you, it also provides security and confidence.  When we think about money, we have to start from the beginning.  When did we realize money was such a powerful source? Was it from our parents?  Was it from a friend?  All of the people in our lives have instilled upon us their beliefs.  As children, we had no choice but to listen to what the adults around us were saying.  We had no concept of an alternative opinion.  Your past circumstances may have dictated where you are now in life, but at this moment in time, you have the power to change that.  All it takes is purposeful action.  

Actions result in Completed Goals.  

Goals manifest into Life's Intentions.

  • Action: Save $100 a month
  • Goal: To travel to Hawaii
  • Intention: To be an adventurer
  • Action: Save $50 a month 
  • Goal: To invest in a sound portfolio
  • Intention: To be an investor

My question again.

Are you willing to discover your relationship with money and to be successful at handling the energy of money? 

Because while we talk about money, what we really talk about is the manifestation of your Life's Intentions using money.  Being something starts by doing something.  

We will go over Life's Intentions shortly, but for now, we need to understand where we came from as this informs our relationship with money.  The Action Item for today is to look into the past and see who and what circumstances formed our relationship with money.  We need to look deep within ourselves in order to see our blockers and create a plan of action for removing them.

Before we go through the Action Item, we will look at the Coaching Model that Dr. Nemeth introduces.  You need to be willing to use these four steps in order to make your dreams into reality.  

  1.  Look.  Be willing to look and focus your energy on the task at hand.  Are you willing to look at how you leak money, despite the onslaught of chatter in your mind about not having enough time, about this is not for you, about how fine your finances are?
  2. See.  Be willing to examine and discern what you are looking at.  Are you willing to see the patterns in your spending behavior, the inflection in your voice when you speak about money or the way you dismiss discussions about money?
  3. Tell the Truth.  Be willing to tell the truth about what you see.  Are you willing to extract the facts and and reality of how you use money?  Are you willing to go beyond the emotions of your relationship with money?
  4. Take Authentic Action.  Be willing to take purposeful action.  Are you willing to take action even if it seems obvious or simple? 

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Action Item

Duration: 45 Minutes (undisturbed)

Materials: Pen and Journal

Action: Start with the following sentence "I first learned about money when I was..."  Write as much as you can in the next 45 minutes.  Dig deep even if it's uncomfortable.  Use the following as a guideline on what to write.

  • What was your family's financial circumstance?
  • Who handled the money in your family?
  • What were your parents relationship with money?
  • Where there aspects of money that were not discussed?
  • Did you have an allowance?  How did it make you feel?
  • What was the first think you remember buying as a child? What was it?  Where did you get the money?
  • When was your first paycheck?  What were you doing to earn it?
  • Do you remember losing money for the first time?
  • If your relationship with money were a personal relationship, how would you describe it?
  • Where do you see yourself next year regarding money?  Are you looking to save more or reduce debt?
  • What do you spend money on?  What do you not spend money on?
  • How would your friends describe how you handle money?
  • Do you discuss money with your partner or children? If not, why not? Why not?

Are they any specific themes regarding money that are obvious?  Are they items you wish people never find out.  Be honest.  Don't blame anyone or anything.  Just acknowledge them. Remember that while your beliefs about money were formed from the past, by starting this introspection, you have shown that you are willing to change the present and your future.  


I am expanding on the ideas from the book "The Energy of Money" by Maria Nemeth, Ph. D.  I will be quoting specific areas in the book that I find valuable and meaningful.  For additional references, please check out the book or check out the following sites:  http://theenergyofmoney.net and http://marianemeth.com

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