The Do Something Project is dedicated to living the good life with a sustainable twist. We can eat well, explore far, do more while being kind to the environment.

It all boils down to living simply.


The Beginning

The Do Something Project took root as a place to document our founder, Catherine Agopcan's quest to do something more. She wanted to be more than just a job title. She wanted everyday to have a purpose. Her desire to explore the world meant letting go of many things that were holding her back. By shedding personal possessions, unfulfilling relationships and old habits, she began to see drastic improvements in the way she approached life. She also realized during this process that protecting the earth was as important as following your dreams.


“The price of anything is the amount of life you pay for it.”

Henry David Thoreau


Our Mission

The Do Something Project is your resource for living simply.  When we start minimizing what we consume, we begin to appreciate life differently. Minimizing has a powerful affect on our health, our need for adventure and our environment.

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